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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stamp Sets, Clear Mount

I am visiting family in Florida and brought along about 20 stamp sets....OH MY, the beauty of clear mount stamps.   NOW, for years I have not been a fan, my stamping friends can all attest to that.   I didn't (and still don't) like having to mount the stamp each time I want to use it.  The ease of locating wood mount stamps, you can just look at them and see the images...and Stampin' Up!'s quality rubber stamps.   I just used a clear stamp that I have had for a few years (not SU) and when I lifted it off the block, part of it stayed and part of it pulled off, now I have to just trash the stamp, because I don't want to have to try and line that up each time I use it!!!   Well, Stampin' Up! came out with their fantastic Clear Mount stamps.   They are the same quality red rubber stamps, but now, unmounted and you use them with a clear acrylic block....any block will do, but Stampin' Up! also came out with some super acrylic blocks, that have grooves all around the edges for ease in picking up.  Their storage system is great, the best ever, each stamp set comes in a DVD clear case and on the front is a picture of the stamp set, on the spine is each image that is in the set and you can see thru the back of the case, the actual stamps.  and those 20 sets, fit nicely in a tote bag and weighed almost nothing!

Here is a picture of one set, Sew Suite from the occasions mini catalog.   This is what the front of the case looks like...and these images are the actual size of the stamps.
 This picture is the spine of the case, showing each image that is in the case, and the name of the set .
 Here is the inside of the case, each stamp precut and in a large red rubber square.   When you receive the set, you need to put the label of each stamp on the back of the stamp.  EASY and when you have them all done, pull the white paper off the large rubber square, put this back in the box and all the stamps in their place.   This prevents loosing little stamps when opening the case.  My first 5 or so stamp sets that I purchased that were clear mount sets, I did not save the large rubber square, so I have to take extra care when opening the cases so that the smaller stamps don't fall out.
 Here is the back of the stamp case.  This is my Mom's set, and she has not removed the paper off the rubber square yet.   Now, I don't own this set, but now that I have put my hands on it, I gotta have it!
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