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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rachel visiting Storyville at Rosedale Library

I am still in the learning process of posting using my iPad,   I couldn't figure out how to edit my last post, so I just posted it instead.

My friend Karen sent me this picture of Rachel and I at the Rosedale library, Storyville.   It was our first time there, we met Cameron, his mommy and Nana (my friend Karen).   There were other babies there too and they were all born within 10 days of each other.      We had so much fun, probably as much as the babies did.   Still in Florida and will hopefully get some more stsmpin' done before I am back home.


Christmas Stamp a Stack in Florida

I am down in Florida For my brother's wedding today.    Yesterday, I held a Christmas  card stamp a stack with Adela, Blanca, Cynthia, Joyce (my sister) and my Mom (Edna).

Here is my Mom making some of her cards.

We had a great place to spread out and stamp away...the clubhouse by their pool, I had a table for each card and two cards that used blender pens and aqua painters I put together.

Here is a picture of everyone

Blanca, Adela, my Mom, Cynthia and Joyce.... Making their cards.   Blanca - can you send the picture I took with your camera to my email?

As soon as I get back home,  I will plan dates for some stamp a stacks at home.   I will be holding 3 different stamp a stacks... A mini stamp a stack - a regular stamp a stack and a quick and easy one.