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Thursday, December 12, 2013

So many things to Share.....

These are even smaller.   TSo much to Share....Where do I begin?????

Stampin' Up! has so much on Sale right now, so the best place to start is RIGHT HERE  Just click on any section that you are interested in o the left column.   The first place to check is the Weekly Deals, these are some great $$deals that are just on sale til next Monday. 

Next - check out the Clearance Rack!!! Oh my, so many great things and some are discounted up to 80% off!!!

Then check out the Valentine Products -   Some cute products, just for Valentine's Day (ok you can use them for other than Valentine's too!)  

and don't forget to check out New Arrivals - there are Photopolymer stamp sets - new ones andthe Best of..... stamp sets and much more.

You can order directly on my website or if you are local and want to save on the shipping costs, contact me to place your order.  When ordering online - at least thru the 14th, use the Hostess Code 2TEXD9YN to get your name in the drawing for some Great Door Prizes!   I will be finalizing the order on the 14th, by 9pm EST.   Don't Delay, Contact Me Today.

Next.....I have a few - ok, more than a few Christmas cards I have been making.   Some are complete CASEing of others and some are a mixture of a few cards I have seen and others have just "popped into my head"  

This first card is going to be my Christmas Thank you cards.   

These are the same, only 3 x 3 size, for putting a tip for server's at restaurants this season....

These are even smaller, 2 x 2,  I have even signed them, so I can hand them out quickly when someone does something nice or I love their holiday cheer and how they are blessing others around them..  

Enjoy!   Peace and Blessings....

Pass them on.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weekly Deals and Giving Gifts

Today Stampin' Up! put up the weekly Deals for this week.   They are on my website, - just click on shop now in the upper right hand corner and when the screen opens, click on Weekly Deals on the left side, first item.   You will want to check them out there are some great Big Shot Dies on there and a few other items.   On December 10th, Stampin' Up! is adding a lot of Clearance Rack Items so don't forget to check them out next Tuesday.    They are listed just under the Weekly Deals on my website.

Giving Gifts....Since this is the season of Gift Giving, I have decided to give gifts out to all my customers who have spent at least $50 (lifetime since I have been a Stampin' Up! demo) to stop by my house and pick up a gift.   I have a huge 31 bag filled with gifts to choose from.   These will be available until December 20th.    To MY Top 10 Customers - I will have a special gift for you.   I will have an Evening later this month or just after New Years for these top 10 to get a special gift from me as well as Stampin' Night with New Product.

My Church, Crossroads Community Church, check it out here: is in this spirit of Gift Giving...we are giving gifts all week and on Sunday, we are signing our name (or emailing to the church how many gifts we have given and they are writing our names on the back of the stars).   We want to reach 10,000.  stars.   The whole Church is being decorated with stars.

Here are the Weekly Deals.....Want to order any of them?   Want them for a Christmas Gift.    I give Gift Certificates - any denomination.    Contact me to place your order for these no later than Dec 9th.  by 7pm.   I will place the order then.