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Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Organized....continued

This next tip has to do with my sponges and sponge daubers.   I purchased some clear hard plastic containers at Walmart in the jewelry making supply aisle.   These containers have 12 sections and are really cheap!!!  When I bought them a few yrs ago, they were about $1.50   I think they are still reasonable and I think under $2.   Each section is labled on top and on the side of each container, I have a label with the Color collection listed on the side and these are stacked  and sitting on a shelf  next to my stamping desk. 

Each section holds a sponge wedge and a sponge dauber.   I used a perm marker and wrote the color collection on one flat side...."S" for Subtles,  "R" for Regals, etc.   On each dauber, I printed a list of the colors and cut those out and taped them around the dauber.   Every color has its own dauber and sponge wedge....OCD...probably....

My inks and ink refills are organized by color collection on my Color Caddy with extender...It holds all my ink pads and ink refills nicely and takes up the least amount of room from any other organizing ink pad storage unit I have seen out there.   The color caddy is pictured on page 193 of the Idea Book and Catalog, also the extender allows for all those in colors and some other ink pads too.

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