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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gettin' Organized!!!

New Year's inspires us all to "clear the clutter" and organize....From clothes, to that cabinet loaded with Tupperware, Rubbermaid, gladware, and every kind of plastic container known to man...You know that cabinet that you dislike opening.....I think everyone has one.   I know I do.   My husband has said he can never find the right top to go with the container.....SO for Christmas, I bought him an awesome set of plastic ware (Rubbermaid) 40 pc (on sale Black Friday at Walmart)  it comes with all different size containers, but the awesome benefit of this set...The tops are all the same size!!!  For now my cabinet is neat and organized.....

I have a few of my Stampin' organizing tips to share with you:  Cardstock - Oh my there are so many ways to organize this, but this simple system works well no matter how much cardstock you have.....In whatever container, file cabinet you use, try and make sure that it has a cover or in a closet to prevent the sun from fading it.   If you only have a small amount, like some assorted pkgs of SU cardstock, place in a folder and if you have a hanging folder system, then you can put a tab on the folder with the color collection written on it.   Then on a index card, I list those color names that are in the folder and tape the index card to the front of the folder....So, if I am looking for Old Olive and not sure which color collection , I can see at a glance which folder it is in.  If you have all the colors, a folder for each color is the best way to go...I put the color name and the item number on the tab to make it easy for me when writing a list of cardstock that I need to order.

I keep large scraps of cardstock in a pocket file folder in front of the Color Collection hat those colors are in.   I have 3 pocket folders for each Color Collection.   For smaller scraps, I use cheap dollar store coupon holders, they have 12 pockets and each color collection has 10 colors.   I have 5 of these, one for each color collection and one for the in colors and other neutral cardstocks.   My down line, Tami Maerten shared this idea with me and it helps me use up those little pieces of cardstock.

My designer series papers  (DSP) until now, they have been a little messy.   BUT, I had some 12.5 x 12.5 ziplock baggies and put each package of DSP in one ziplock bag and I wrote on an index card the name of the DSP, which catalog it is in and listed the colors that are in the package and taped the card to the inside of the ziplock baggie.   Here is a picture of my Jolly Holiday DSP.   The baggie helps keep all those small pieces from getting lost.

Check back tomorrow for another Stampin' Organizing tip.

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