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Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Photopolymer Stamps

I'm learning something new...

There are so many new products from Stampin' Up! and I just can't keep up with them....I love that Stampin' Up! is always coming out with new products, bringing back some old ones too (The Best of Stamp sets) and so much more....Coordinating colors of everything!!!

I am learning how to upload the flyers that come out with these new products and announcements too.

Here are the first two that I am sending out:   I will try not to bombard you with too much all at once.

These two new sets are super cute and I think I just might have to try them out!      The first set is Map It Out and contains 64 stamps in all!!!  Item # 134620 

This next set is Greetings from and has 19 stamps in the set, Item # 134621....lots of cute stamps to use on cards, scrapbook pages, invitations and more.

Each set is only $13.95 and you can order either of them directly from my website, click on SHOP in the upper right corner, then choose stamps on the menu and choose photopolymer stamps and ALL of the Photopolyer stamp sets that are available with show up for you to check them all out!   or contact me via email, to place your order  (Baltimore, Westminster, Eldersburg, Owings Mills, MD) for free delivery from me or pick up at my home or to meet somewhere in between.  And of course, you can always call or txt me   410.382.4874.
Can you believe it?   Spell Check on Blogger is not working at this time, try again later.......SO I proofread this post and fixed all the errors (I hope I got them all).....I remember working at SSA in 1972 or 73 and helping out sometimes with proofreading letters we typed (on typewriters) in the Typing Pool!!!!
Thanks to Frances Wagner for helping me thru the steps to put these pictures on my blog!!!


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