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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Convention Day 2

Today was another busy day here at Convention.  Classes to attend, demonstrations by Shelli, her daughter, Shalae and one by Donna Griffith.   So many cute projects, cards and more.   I am going to share a few pictures out of the hundreds I have taken.

The first is a picture of the warehouse....where the orders start and get packed and shipped out.

Here is the shelves stocked to the ceiling with stamps, inks cardstocks and more.   An order comes in thru the computer and starts its way thru the conveyor and gets picked and boxed and sent out.   The orders are done in the order they are received, except Canada and Expedited shipping.   They said Canada's orders get done first because they take longer to get thru customs and then onto their destination.   I was there after work hours, so no orders being processed while I was there.
This next picture I took from across the room.   It is a display area of all kinds of projects, products done so cute in various themes.   Every time I walked pass this display I would find something else I didn't see before.  

 These display boards are filled with card samples.   Cards that were sent in for contests and more.

HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of cards.    In addition to the cards were lots of projects too,

That's it for today....Gotta get some sleep for the last day of convention....boohoo.  I have lots of swaps to share with you when I get home.

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