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Friday, June 7, 2013

Swimming with the Manatees in Florida

I am in Florida with my daughter, Robyn.  We are visiting family and vacationing.   Today we went to Crystal River and Swam with the Manatees....  We went thru Capt Mike's and had Capt Rick today.   It was AWESOME!!!

Here are a few pictures:

This was taken by Capt Rick, Robyn and I hanging out in the water, waiting for the manatees to swim under us.

 Robyn got this great picture of the nose of one of the manatees we swam with today.
 Here I am petting one of the manatees, there were many out there today and they put on a show.  A few dolphins came nearby to get a snack of some fish...It was so COOL...
 Me and Robyn on the boat heading back to shore.

It was a Great Experience, one I will never forget.


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