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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paper Pumpkin - Try It Kit

The other day I said I would have a non stamper sit down with the Paper Pumpkin kit and make the card.....Well, last night I sat down with my husband and asked him to make the card.   He did pretty good I think and only asked a few questions, like, how to use the snail I gave him.....

Here he is, stamping the card.

He didn't read any directions....and I let him use my larger ink pad   and 2 smaller acrylic blocks, and of course some snail and a glue dot for the button.   I mounted the stamps and put each on a separate block and got him the larger Basic Gray ink pad (and opened it for him) and then he just CASEd the sample.  It only took him 4 minutes,.   He said he could probably make the next one in 30 seconds, it was SO SIMPLY.

Here's his finished card.

Here's mine, just using what was in the kit, nothing more.

and here is a picture of everything in the box, and our cards we made.

I think if a non stamper got this kit, read the directions on how to mount the stamps and how to stamp, it might take them 15 minutes to make the first one, but then could make the others within minutes.  



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