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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day You Guys!!!

It's Father's Day and  to honor the many Fathers out there......I have been making several manly cards....
Is your father in your life right now?  Cherish him, there are so many without a father figure in their life.   Me, I've been lucky.....I have had several and many not related to me.   My father, Joe passed away when I was just 4, so I really don't remember him, but he made me and for that I am truly grateful.  My longer here either, but I think of him often and miss him.  Always gentle and kind, he taught me many things.   How to pack....well, when he packed a box with items, they were all nestled in there perfectly and no wasted space.   To treat others how I would want to be treated... and do fun things that I wanted to do.   Sometime during my job at SSA, I had George,  Ralph, Lee, and others whose names I can no longer recall..    My father in law, Jim, my ex husband, Jim..Some Dads at Northwest...Jerry, Harry, and many others.   My husband, Rodney and my father in law, George  And now there is Ed, my Mom's husband, who keeps her off the streets and outta trouble, hehehe.    SO, you see, even if you are not a birth father to someone, you just might be their Dad.... 

Now onto some of the cards I made for these Dads....  These first 2 cards use the retired set, Winds of Grace, Sanded background stamp and Happy Father's Day stamp, also retired from an old All Year Cheer set.

 The next two cards use the set, Countryside and the background stamp....well, I just made some marks with the ink pad....

 This next card uses the set, Uncharted Territory.   The background stamp on this card is also just the edge of the stamp pad.  I also used some of the new baker's twine.
I will share some more cards tomorrow.   For today, tell your Dad, whoever he is, how much he means to you.... and to my "Dads"  I love you all.

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