This is the message you heard from the beginning. Love One Another. 1 John 3:11

Monday, February 29, 2016

Thanks to those who came and played Bingo with me last week....If you would like to join us on Thursday evening, 730pm for about 20 minutes. I share something that I have been working on this week. Each person picks 5 numbers (when I post I am ready for numbers) between 1-75. At 740pm, I start calling numbers, and the first person to get all of their numbers called, posts the word Bingo under the last number called. That person wins the prize. No obligation to do anything but message me your address (if I don't already have it) Not many people playing so your chances of winning are good. You must be a friend of mine, not this page, so if you are not friends with me, leave a comment and I will Friend Request you, when you accept, I can add you to the group. Last night only 2 people playing, so the winner got her choice and the other person got the other item.

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