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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Carol's Wacky Wednesday Paper crafting Tiips

What to do with extra punched out, die cut shapes leftover from projects????

 Here's the first. When making a project and you need to punch out a image or shape... Have scraps of DSP or cardstock left over?? Go ahead and punch or die cut those shapes and store in a container . Then when you need a shape, image, you can quickly grab one and finish your project. Here is how I store mine, some old stamp cases hold bigger shapes, the heart framelits, larger butterflies. The small cases with compartments, I picked up at a yard sale for a quarter each!  I used an empty button container for the hearts I punched out for an upcoming class.

Do have some tips for storing punched out shapes? Share them here...either in a comment below or contact me, I would love other ideas too.  


  1. Great tip, Carol. When I have punched or die cut shapes from solid colors I keep them with the respective color (which I keep in a file folder in a file cabinet).

  2. Sue that is another great idea, I was just afraid the smaller pieces, flowers, butterflies, etc. would get lost in the folder, but the larger ones, that is where I will put them.

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