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Monday, January 16, 2012

Blowing Bubbles Card

While blog surfing the other week, I stumbled onto Catherine Pooler's Blog and found a different technique I had not tried.   Here's the directions:

Take some kids bubbles…..yes those bubbles that kids play with outside.    Pour some of the bubbles in a container and add 15 -20 drops of ink color.   Do as many colors as you would like….I did 3 colors, each a separate container.  Stir to mix ink with a straw.   NEXT -  blow bubbles using the straw and place a piece of white cardstock on top, pressing into bubbles.   Change colors as desired, blotting on a paper towel occasionally.   Place a paper towel on ironing board (another use for it!!!!) then place cardstock faces down and press with a warm iron, moving iron around (so you don't burn it) do this til the cardstock is dry.    Stamp open image in black stazon on the cardstock.
Here is the one I did, even using the same stamp set that she used....  

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