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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Card Class in Maryland last Saturday and in Florida next Tuesday!!!


Yes, we are doing a lot of traveling on Rt 95, both North and South, from  Palm Bay, Florida to Westminster and Baltimore, Maryland.     But it has been worth it.

Get to see family, daughters and grandchildren and friends....some of my friends we have been friends for just a few years to several have been friends for almost 30 years and even 50 years!!!!

I have been doing stamp classes both in Maryland and Florida....and it isn't as hard as it long as I remember to bring everything to Maryland that I need and things I forget, hopefully one of my stampin' friends has and will let me borrow.

This month's class like most of the monthly classes that I am holding consists of 4 cards with envelopes.   This month, I wanted to make one of my mini 3x3 cards, but the stamp set I had set on using, just wouldn't work, so made it a 4x4 instead and that fits into a regular card envelope!

Reason for visiting Maryland so much.....
Super Baby, Ryan who is my youngest grandchild.....for now!
Rachel and Ryan

Not the greatest picture, but all my grandchildren in one place at the same time.  My husband, Rodney is holding Ryan....this was taken back in January.  

And this is one of the cards from the card class.

If you and some friends want to have a class in Westminster, Baltimore, Baltimore county, Maryland or within in 50 miles of Melbourne, Florida me and we can set a date.


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