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Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Thank Yous

A few years ago,  OK  11 yrs ago, I purchased a small box with 2 stamps, a ink spot and small tags, 24 of them.  This little box has sat unopened, unused in a stamp drawer with an assortment of stamps,  I never really noticed it until last week, I opened the drawer to get a birthday stamp out, had to move some things around to find the one I wanted to use, and picked up this little box....Oh my, how many times have I picked up this box???? an still never noticed the contents.   I emptied the contents on my desk and thought, hm mm. what can I do with these tags?  I decided to stamp two of the butterflies from the set Kindness Matters, pg 74 and a Thanks also from this set and I used a Thank You from a set from long ago says 2000 on the wood stamp.  I made 10 of these little cards and I carry them in my pants pocket or my wallet and have been leaving them on counters, the drive thru bank drawer.   Just a little thank you to those people that work hard and to let them know someone appreciates their work. 

Here is a picture of the front and the inside - they are 1" x 2" folded in half.  I don't sign them, they don't have a stamped name on the back or anything. 

I have left these at the Winfield Branch of the PNC Bank, the drive thru drawer, these tellers and all the staff at this branch are the BEST!!!  They are friendly, look at you, speak to you, call you by name and hare so helpful.  If I have a deposit or want to cash a check, I will pass other branches of PNC, just to go to this branch.   Today when I went into the bank to cash in my "loose change" and one of the ladies, Vicky said to me, We have a mystery...have you left little thank you cards in the drive thru window....I said yes, mystery solved....
So, if you have some small stamps sitting around and some scrap card stock, stamp a few of these and give them out to people = kind of like a smile.

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