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Sunday, August 5, 2012

MDS 2 is Here, My Digital Studio

Have you tried Digital?????   Digital scrapbook, card making and more.   You can purchase stamp sets, enlarge, print color in at your leisure.   Can you image how much storage space you'll save keeping your stamp sets.    Now, I am a Stampin' Gal.    I LOVE LOVE stampin', I love embellishing, touching, feeling, moving around embellishments, changing all parts of card making, scrap booking and making gifts.   Most of all, I love stampin'.   BUT, sometimes I want to make something that I don't want the whole stamp set, or want to make a scrapbook for someone and duplicate it for others, like children, sets of parents, or relatives or a group.   This is when digital is SO WORTH it.   With MDS2 along with your MDS program or the NEW MDS2+ (includes software and $500 in content extras) you can whip up projects in just a few minutes, you can print them at home or print them from Stampin' Up! too!  Books, cards, calendars and more!!!

Get 31% off 31 digital content options and most of our print products for all 31 days in August! Feed your My Digital Studio addiction with digital goods on sale and the 30-day FREE trial of the software, August is the perfect time for you to enter the digital designing craze and see what it's all about.

What's on sale?

ALL cards, photobooks, individual pages, and tags. That's right: print any photobook, board book, swatchbook, individual pages, greeting card, postcard, trifold card, or tag-all for 31% off.

Some of our best digital content. 30 downloads and 1 content disc. Yup, that equals 31.

When you get your My Digital Studio, there is a whole website dedicated to MDS that you can join with tons of help, tips and more.

Want to learn more?    Txt me, email me or call me.

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