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Monday, April 11, 2011

Stamp Room....messy desk and clean desk

I don't know about all you stampers out there, but when I start making a card, the desk is clear and by the would think a bomb went off!!!   AND Then I put away some, ok none.... and then don't stamp because I look at the mess and turn around and head the other way......I am trying very very hard to break that habit.  First day was fine, then had a relapse.   SO tonight, I already have it cleaned off and I don't go to bed for another 2 hrs at least.....

When I started rearranging things the other day, here is what the desk looked like, before I had begun....

What a mess, and this is kinda clean for me, really!!!   I moved a couple of things around and this is what it looked like about an hr later....

Since that time, I have arranged a few things, brought my markers onto the desk on the left side.  No picture but I am creating so much more since I now have the space to create.

So clear your desk off and create!!!

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