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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stampin' Up's new In Color 2016-2018 Markers

If you are sure what new in color inks you would like to get.... The markers are a great deal for $15 you get 5 markers.  That is only $3 per marker.  There are two points for each marker, a thin and a brush point.   The thin point allows you to get into small areas of an image.  The brush point allows you to color in a larger area.   You can try the markers on stamps as ink color or to color an image and order all he in color inks or just ones you really love. A great deal for a small investment.

New In color  Markers $15
Crafting fun with granddaughter Rachel.....priceless

She was having so much fun coloring butterflies.......the markers held up with her hard pressure.  Rachel loves crafting with Grammy. I will bring stamps and inks over later this week for us to make her momma a birthday card...

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