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Monday, May 28, 2012

Drink Treat Box

Recently, I decided to stop drinking so much Diet Coke and started drinking Crystal Light, with the ENERGY.   It has worked, I do feel a lot better, not sure how much nutrasweet is in Crystal Light compared to Diet Coke.   My energy level is better and I don't munch as much.   I'll report in a month to give you my progress report.

While reading emails on a Demo group I belong to, I read a email about a drink treat box...intrigued, I went to the blog and watched the video.   Simple and cute.   SO, I sat down today and made one.   NOW with the Stampin' Up! Simply Scored, this was a piece of cake!   I watched the video and took some notes and grabbed some card stock and made the box.   It took about half an hour to make, reading my notes, I did go back and watched the video again to make sure I made it the same.   She, Cristena is giving a Free online class for her summer edition to 2 winners from  those who submit their treat box.   I decided to give it a try, and here is my box:

I know there is a lot of stuff behind and around my treat box, but the picture I took of it with a white background just did not do it justice.    I used tempting turquoise card stock for the box and bird image, I think most of the Brights color collection are summer colors....I put 4 different drink treats in the box and added a strawberry to the front of my box.    I used one of my favorite stamp sets, The Best of Everything.    Check out Cristena's blog.   Enjoy!!!

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  1. Oh Carol this is so stinkin cute!! I love the stamp set that you decided to use and the colors as well. I just Love it!!! I love that you used the strawberry with the juice packets!

    I have to say I have had some health issues for about the last year and can't drink anything but water and the crystal light doesn't seem to bother my stomach either. I to have felt more energy and just all around felt better! I don't eat as much either because of the water. Water is supposed to help you fill fuller and cut down on your hunger.
    Keep us posted of how you are doing! :)

    Inky Hugs,