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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Moving Forward!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!

I know it has been a long LONG time since my last post.   It has been busy crazy in my life and I will give you the short version.   We put our house up for Sale the end of August, and had to DOWNSIZE all of our belongings (most of them mine), my husband does not collect "stuff" like I do, SO I was busy having yard sales, going to Flea Markets, making many trips to Good Will, Salvation Army, local Thrift Shops and a few Craft flea markets, in the end, I got rid of a TON of stuff.   We sold our house and moved out the week before Thanksgiving!   Spent time in Maryland with family until after Black Friday shopping with my daughters and then headed SOUTH, almost 1000 miles.   Stayed with my brother in Melbourne, FL for 2 weeks searching for a house to be our new home.    After viewing hundreds (probably 1000 or more) houses on line, we visited about 30 or so and picked one.   It is located in Palm Bay, Florida and we will settle and move in just after the New Year...   Here is our new house:

 Fast Forward a week......We are back in Maryland for Christmas with our families and hopefully for the birth of my 3rd grandson.....He is being stubborn though, I was hoping he would come early so I could help my daughter for at least a week.....But we head back to Florida on Sunday, so he better hurry up!

Since we don't have a house, and my daughter's house is too small for us to hold Christmas and my oldest daughter lives too far away....My good friend, Karen let us use her Church Hall.   The kids had a great time running up and down the hall.   We had chicken from the Joppa Rd KFC (Great Service!!!) and then we exchanged gifts.   As usual, I didn't put tags on two boxes when I wrapped them and my son in law started opening his box and it was really for my other daughter!!!...Lots of laughs

Here are my 3 grandchildren, Colin the oldest, Jacob and Rachel.
 Here is my daughter, Robyn getting to open her box....a neat toy for her dog, call the ifetch, it is a machine works on battery or cord, put the ball in and it shoots out....We are trying to get the dog to put the ball in so it will automatically shoot out.
 Here are me and my girls, Me, Robyn, Christine - due any day and my granddaughter Rachel and Aimee (mom of Colin and Jacob)

I just got my preorder from the Occasions Catalog and Sale a bration. and our POD gets delivered on the 2nd and can't wait to get my Stampin' Stuff out and start creating.    First Class (of course I need a place to hold classes) will be the Perpetual Calendar Class - I have the stamp sets and inks to complete the project, all you will have to do is purchase the Calendar Kit from me.   I hope to have this class by the 3rd week of January.   Stay tuned for more information.  

If you did not get an Occasions catalog and Sale a bration catalog, contact me either, comment on here, email, txt or call me.

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