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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Over a Month!?!?!?!

 It has been over a month since I posted here on my blog!!!  Where has the time gone?     Well, let 's see, I have had 2 yard sales, taken tons of clothes, furnishings, craft things to Goodwill, New Life for Girls (here in Westminster) and a few other places.   Thrown away probably another couple hundred pounds of stuff in the house, lurking in the closets, under cabinets, etc.   Living in a house for 12 years, I have collected lots of STUFF.   It is getting easier to part with things I never would have a few years ago.  We have had most of the house painted inside, Rodney painted one room, he has painted the outside shed, doors, and split rain fence.  It looks Great.....  So we have had a painter here, the tree trimming guys, even new carpet this week.   Whew!!!   Our garage is still housing some furniture.    AND our shed if FULL of items left to part with.   SO this Friday and Saturday, I am having another yard sale, and yes I have over 100 stamp sets, and a box or 2 of accessories to sell.  Every purchase of my Stampin' Up! items, gets a free Stampin' Up! gift too.   I have furniture to sell, and more household items.   When we move to Florida, I will be purchasing most things I need and it will give me things to look for at yard sales and flea markets down there. 

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a Great day, my phone kept buzzing all day with well wishes from friends on facebook, calls from a few close friends and about 20 cards in the mail from friends.   I had lunch with 2 of my daughters and Rachel at Nalley Fresh in Hunt Valley....YUM YUM salad.   Rachel wanted to take SELFIE's of first the 2 of us, then she took about 30 more of herself, most of the time just the top of her head...and this is at the age of 2 1/2!!!  We did some shopping and I got a new pair of flip flops, by Tidewater -never heard of them before, but they are really comfortable and for under $10 a bargain......I got these at Greetings and Readings, a card/book store and so much more!  My husband and I had dinner at Red Lobster the night before since last night was my Weds night girls Stamping night.   We have been meeting for 13 years now, every Weds night.   I will miss them in the Winter when I am in Florida, and next spring and summer be back up here with them stamping.

SO, last week was Stampin' Up!'s Convention!   Can I say, this was a SUPER FUN TIME.   With Stampin' Demos I know from here, to meeting new stamping friends from all over the world, to meeting up with friends I have met over the years at conventions.   It was AWESOME!   I did miss a few, Michelle Deslandes, Jackie Bultje, Gwen Brown and her sister, Lynn just to name a few.   But I will share a few swap cards with you.   I made about 100 cards, 90 3x3 cards and 50 3d items.  I hope to find pictures of my items I swapped and over the next few days share those as well as some highlight pictures from Convention and share some of my favorite swaps I received.

First up, I walked across stage twice this year, once for $100,000.00 in Sales in my career with Stampin' Up! and the 2nd time for my 10th Anniversary with Stampin' Up!  Here are a few of those pictures, not that good, but the only ones I have.  

This is during my walk across stage for my 10th Anniversary walk, there were a lot of us there!
 Here is a picture of Me and a friend from NY, Karen Pichura, both celebrating our 10th Anniversary

That is all for today, I will have to take pictures of my swaps later today and start posting them tomorrow.


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